BLUP 001 - About Draft and BootyPlus

Just talking about the release and future of the new (-released) Draft Plugin, which allows to Preview the content on your Bludit website before it gets released, and the new project "BootyPlus" project, which combines two existing plugins and a few more features.

New Plugin: Reactions

My new "Reactions" Bludit plugin allows your readers to react to your content using an Emoji (of the EmojiOne set). Select up to 5 label-abel Emojis, configure the position and the title (and the page type, where the panel should be shown) and let the Emojis free.

Current Projects

I'm currently working on many Bludit based projects and this posts shows you what I want to do next and where my currently priority is located at. TLDR: Snicker [Plus] 0.2.0, a new Poll Plugin and my Designer extension (0.2.0) + updated and new themes.

Pagination 0.2.0

Our Pagination plugin allows you to get more Space for your Content, now also with a configurable pagebreak variable, non-conflicting canonical linking, additional possibilities to inject the paginations and a few more cool options.

Hellow World, Hellow Bludit

BluPIT is the new official home for all pytesNET developed Plugins and Themes, and this first "Hello World" post should you introduce in the future of this website.